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Food and Wine Pairing ~ Lusso Della Terra 2015 M Series Merlot


Paso Robles Wine Club Tasting Lusso Della TerraLusso Della Terra 2015 M Series MerlotWith a limited production of just 20 cases, Lusso Della Terra has outdone themselves on this easy favorite.The nose is expressively floral with bight ripe red fruit ... Read More

On the Road with the Wine Wrangler: J.Lohr Winery


Tasting at J.Lohr                                               With over four decades in the wine business Jerry Lohr Winery... Read More

Food and Wine Pairing ~ Wild Horse 2016 Malvasia Bianca


Tasting Wild Horse Malvasia BiancaRefreshing, fruity and giddy with summer bliss! There is no better way to describe this wine. Tropical fruit aromas of Pineapple, melon, some lemon sorbet and thyme are ready at the tip of the nose. Followed by subtl... Read More

On the Road with The Wine Wrangler: Derby Wine Estates


Derbyshire VineyardPaso Robles is never short of forward thinking, risk taking wine makers. The Derby wine estates are a remarkable example of just that. In a bold, pioneering move, Pam and Ray Derby have done the unthinkable: planted a vineyard righ... Read More

Paso Robles Wine Club Food and Wine Pairing Alta Colina ~ 2013 GSM Blend


Winemaker and owner Bob Tillman started making wine part time while keeping his day job as an engineer. He groomed the one-hundred-and-thirty-acre lot into the vineyards they are at present. This Paso Robles original is a Rhône style blend of 68% G... Read More

On the Road with the Wine Wrangler: The Wild Horse story


Wild Horse Tasting RoomThe Wild Horse is just as you might expect, something out of a western, rustic and free spirited, just like the wild mustangs that ruled the hills. Poor soils hide a quenching water table, giving vines some work to do while the... Read More

Demystifying the Wine Bottle


The Wine BottleWine is a beautiful thing. It starts great conversations and often times leaves you pondering its very existence and craft. There is such glamour in uncorking a fresh bottle, even if its just in the comfort of your home. The pop of a c... Read More

Union Sacre ~ 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon “Le Confident”


Paso Robles Wine Club: Union Sacre - Lay it DownUnion Sacre ~ 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon “Le Confident”There's no laughing at the Central Coast now. Not after this wine! Winemakers Philip and Xavier do an incredible job of demonstrating the potentia... Read More

Central Coast Wine Competition: Winning Wines


California Mid-State Fair Wine CompetitionIf you’ve been to the California Mid State Fair, you’ve most likely seen the Central Coast Wine Competition. The competition is open to local wineries and both the “Gold Medal” and “Best of…” wi... Read More

On the road with the Wine Wrangler: Mitchella


Visiting Mitchella VineyardDarren and Angela Mitchell could say wine discovered them. They loved Zinfandel particularly Twin Hills and Mastantuono. What they didn't expect was their casual wine indulgence would steer them into a path of winemaking. A... Read More

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