About Wine Wrangler

As the first and foremost wine tasting tour and transportation company to set foot in Paso Robles Wine Country, we pride ourselves on our position within the region. Throughout the years, we have shared an abundance of unforgettable experiences with people who are interested in getting a taste of the world of vinology.

We offer private and semi- private group wine tasting tours in Paso Robles, and through-out San Luis Obispo County. Let us pick you up for a day of touring the most diverse wine region in California! The Wine Wrangler also offers tours along our San Luis Obispo coastline to visit the historic Hearst Castle.

With tour guides who are highly invested in the art of wine and come exceptionally recommended by our customers, along with the personal connections we have made with the wine industry, we are able to create an experience that makes you ‘wine’ a little and laugh a lot! Our tours are intended to engulf you in the aromatic experience of truly extraordinary wines at distinctive wineries that will ensure a memorable time for all.

If you are in the San Luis Obispo area, please enjoy a tour with our fun and informational guides.

Our Mission

We believe it is our purpose to share the treasures of the region with our guests through our detailed tours and our exclusive wine club. We pour our passion and love for wine into each and every tour and we are invested in our surrounding community. We consistently commit ourselves to distinctive quality that remains of superior nature in the region. We strive to sustain the highest level of integrity and customer service through attentive consideration for our guests' interests and desires, as well as, acting as an exemplary industry leader who can be depended on as an informative and educational source.

Our History

After living in Paso Robles for a decade, Coy and Sarah Barnes turned their passion for wine, entertaining, and the rural countryside into a thriving little tour company called “The Wine Wrangler”. The Wine Wrangler was created on August 3, 2004 as Paso Robles’ first, authentic wine tour company.

Within a year the couple wanted to create an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the Paso Robles wine tour tasting experience throughout the year, in the comfort of their own homes. They created the first and only wine club featuring Paso Robles wines and took their family business to whole new level.

Coy Barnes, oenophile and educator, has appeared in numerous publications including, USA Today, Travel and Leisure, as well as Guest Speaker for Cal Poly, Crush and Roll, and the annual Wine Tourism Conference. He makes wine and grows his own zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, and syrah on the family’s property in Paso Robles. When he’s not escorting visitors through the wine country, he’ll be rustling up wines from some of his favorite Paso Robles wineries and sharing them with the world through the Paso Robles Wine Club.

Our greatest pleasure is to help people from out of the area discover the diversity and finesse of Paso Robles' wines.

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